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Talking Holsters With Clovertac

Talking Holsters With Clovertac

on 13th Aug 2021

By Ben Baker

Rob from Tucker Gunleather recently was a guest on the CloverTac Podcast.

CloverTac is a podcast covering the Second Amendment, guns rights and gun culture. The hosts are Christopher Dover and his wife Armintha Dover.

Tucker Gunleather owner Rob Longnecker was delighted to be a part of the show. "I am always glad to talk guns, holsters, shooting and the Second Amendment with people who appreciate this Constitutional right. Chris and Armintha are strong supporters or your right to carry firearms. We need more shows like this," he said.

The show was about an hour long. Watch the entire program on the CloverTac YouTube channel.

It was Rob's first podcast. He enjoyed the experience and looks forward to doing more with other people who share his love of guns and holsters.

Got into the holster business and how it grew from there.

“Tucker Gunleather is experiencing long lead times to ship because of the avalanche of orders received over the past year. There are two reasons for the number of orders: One is the uncertainties in the world right now including Covid and political changes. The other reason is the established reputation and growing popularity of Tucker Gunleather due to the Five Star quality of their holsters”

"I guess the word is out. We're just getting ton of orders," Rob said during the interview.

With the recent change in Texas law read more here, Tucker Gunleather is expecting even more orders. Since the Lone Star State is going to Constitutional Carry, more people will buy holsters to exercise their right to protect themselves and the people who are important to them.

Making Holsters

Rob and Chris talked about the holster making process that uses "Bluegun” to form the leather. A Bluegun is a plastic mold formed into the shape of a gun. Tucker Gunleather has one of the most extensive gun list in the industry. 

As Rob said, If you want a holster for your gun chances are Tucker Gunleather can make. 

"The thing I like about this business is the enthusiasm our customers have," Rob said during the interview. He specifically pointed to the customer review section of the website.

Chris said seeing the customers' photos of the holsters in use was amazing and pointed to the quality of the holsters the company produces. He said few companies are willing to post customer-supplied images.


The talked discussed:

  • Upcoming media appearances with Tucker Gunleather and its products.
  • The website
  • Holsters, belts and customization options
  • How the holsters are made and the materials used

The discussion also let Rob discuss how the holsters are used and in some cases adjusted to fit the individual user.


Part of the CloverTac live podcast is the opportunity for viewers to make comments and ask questions. Rob was able to field questions and direct people to the website and the particular items they were looking for.

"Getting immediate feedback, like this, is unusual, but I appreciated it. I enjoy hearing from our customers. I am available by phone all day long if someone needs to discuss our products. If you call and get the answering machine, please leave a message. I will call you back," he said.


TUCKER GUNLEATHER - Tucker Gunleather produces holsters for concealed and open carry. The company also makes belts designed specifically to support holsters.

CLOVERTAC - CloverTac believes in Chain Fire Freedom." As the Dovers explain, this is "furthering education on a subject by first learning that subject then passing it on. We work to educate in hopes that those we educate will pass that knowledge forward." Their passion is the Second Amendment and education.