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1911 Holster

You can conceal a 1911 and carry it comfortably:

Your 1911, especially a full-sized version is on the heavy side and needs a holster made to carry the weight comfortably. While there are smaller 1911-style pistols, as small as a 3-inch barrel, many prefer a 4”, 4-1/4” or 5-inch pistol.

The barrel/slide is not hard to conceal, it’s the grip frame or handle that requires concealing. That means the holster should usually be set at a butt-forward cant angle with the muzzle pointing down and to the rear – an FBI cant.

In addition, the holster should ride closely, securely and keep the butt close to your body for concealment unless you’re in competition with a race-holster.

Customize your holster so you’ll love to show it off.

Plastic holsters have they’re place, but we’re talking leather here. Real premium leather, made with great attention to detail and a custom fit. That’s the case whether you order a plain holster or fancy – and brother, we can get fancy if you like.

There are numerous colors, stitch colors, features and stamping designs to make your holster look the way you like it. Basketweave stamp is a beautiful traditional look, but check out Cross Cut, Swirl Cut, Spiral Cut, Diamond Cut, Fleur de Lis and Egyptian Key. Many choices for you.

Your 1911 deserves a beautiful home.

Most 1911’s are owned with pride and an appreciation for the beauty of the design and distinguished history. Your 1911 deserves a beautiful home, a holster that treats it with respect and showcases its beauty. You deserve a great holster that carries comfortably and conceals well.

That’s the Tucker Gunleather HF1 and HF2 belt holsters. Proudly made in Texas. What can we make for you?

You’ll love the feel of premium leather.

You’ll love the feel, the smooth draw, the perfect ride height and the just-right cant angle for carry behind your strong side hip. The leather comes from Hermann Oak Leather, the best domestic, made-in-the-USA leather we can buy – from a tannery that dates back to the 1800’s. In addition,

Tucker treats the holster with special oils and waxes before sending it your way. Just wipe the holster, inside and out with a damp cloth occasionally. Remember, no oils or saddle soap, no spray, no silicone, please.


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