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IWB Holsters (Inside the Waistband Holsters)

IWB (inside the waistband) holsters are the most concealable style, and they’re also essential for when it’s hot. You don’t want to wear a vest, sweater or jacket in the summer.  You’re more comfortable with just a shirt hanging out. Since an IWB holster hides the bottom half of the gun, you don’t have to worry that your shirt will ride up and expose it.

If your IWB holster is “tuckable,” you can take the tail of your shirt over your gun and tuck it into your pants. Tucker Gunleather’s IWB holsters are all tuckable if needed. It takes a bit of extra time to pull your shirt out with your weak hand prior to the draw, but it beats leaving your gun at home. The tail of the shirt tucks between the body of the holster and the belt clip mounted low and outside.

Are Inside the Waistband Holsters Comfortable?

Yes! Well, they can be (and should be). If you choose a well-designed holster that fits in the “sweet spot,” you’ll get used to the new experience quickly. We’ve had customers say that they’ve worn our holsters all day, come home and lay down on the couch, forgetting the fact that they’re wearing a gun. A well-made IWB holster must be adjustable for ride height and cant angle - because cant angles need to match your drawstroke.

For example: inside the waistband holsters with a lot of FBI-cant worn on the hip, or in front of the hip, can create awkward drawstrokes and slows you down. A vertical cant holster would be better for right on the hip, and a forward cant holster for behind the hip. A reverse cant angle would better suit front carry or appendix carry.  Beyond that, you must fine tune the angle for a smooth draw. The holster must place the gun high enough to allow for a full firing grip. It’s dangerous to pull your gun with thumb and two fingers and then re-grip it on the way to the target with adrenaline coursing through your veins – a total disaster!

Considerations for IWB Holsters

Wear your new holster around the house (gun unloaded). Wear it until it becomes “no big thing.” Yes, your body will be sending you strange signals at first, but you’ll rapidly get used to them with a good holster.

At Tucker Gunleather, you'll find great designs, comfort, concealment, and adjustability. We’ve been talking to customers daily for over 25 years, and we get lots of feedback. We also guarantee your purchase, and we make it easy to return a holster that just simply isn’t right for you and your needs. Contact us today - we want your business and can help you make a good choice.

Tucker Gunleather’s IWB holsters are designed with these considerations in mind. Customer reviews confirm our performance.