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Q.Which of your IWB holsters are "tuckable?"

A. All are tuckable except the "Secret IWB?"

Q. What's the difference between roughout and smoothout on IWB holsters?

A. Leather has a smooth side and a rough side. Which side do you want facing your pants? On a single-clip IWB we recommend roughout because it helps the holster stay in place due to the friction. Smoothout works fine for the Texas Heritage IWB with two belt clips.

Q. What's a sweatshield? Is it a layer of waterproof lining hidden in the leather?

A. No, it's a spacer made of leather that comes up between the back of your slide and your body for comfort.

Q. Why do you show so many pictures of holsters with decorative stamping on your site? I like mine plain, not fancy.

A. Believe it or not, over 80% of Tucker's leather belt holsters are ordered with stamping of some sort. They look great plain, so order yours the way you want it.

Q. Should I get my leather HF1 belt holster lined with smooth cowhide or not?

A. If you wear your HF1 belt holster daily, the lining will make it last about 50% longer because of the added rigidity. Otherwise, it's desireable, but not necessary. This does not apply to other holsters, which do not require lining.


Q. Does Tucker recommend carrying a defensive pistol with a light attached to an accessory rail?

A. Tucker says, "If you're on a SWAT team, go for it. If not, your pistol is a quick-response tool for a sudden and extreme self-defense situation. If you have a light on the gun, you may find it distracting enough to slow dowin your response."

Q. Do you make small-of-the-back holsters?

A. Tucker recommends against SOB holsters. So do respected firearms instructors. It slows your draw and your draw is easily blocked by an opponent at close range. It's uncomfortable when seated. In addition, if you carry so you draw with your palm facing out, you will likely point the gun at yourself on the way to the target. Under stress, that's a terrible idea.