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"The Answer" Holster




The Answer IWB Holsters | Tucker Gunleather

Time to ship is 6 months due to high order volume. *

The "shell" containing your pistol is leather lined at no extra charge. Now available for pistols with RMR’s.**

Not available for mounted lights - (see the Deep Carry DC-1).   Note: All Holsters are stamped "Tucker & Byrd" - our production partner.*

**The BACK of the Answer has changed.**

We no longer use T-Nuts which had sharp points and had to be covered. The fasteners we use now are smooth and do not have a leather cover on the back.***

See photos.


Answer IWB Video Review #1 


Answer IWB Video Review #2



The Answer IWB Holster is famous for  speed, comfort and concealment. No other IWB holster compares in quality.

This is the original Answer IWB holster, made with an especially comfortable dual-layer backing with no exposed hardware. It's tuckable and adjustable for height and cant. (We recommend the Slimline belt clips.)

You may have seen other hybrid holsters with two belt clips, a leather backing and a kydex shell. They are all poor copies.

*Reviewers have put it this way. "The Answer is the original. You'd think if others wanted to copy it, they'd make improvements to the design, but they haven't.  The Answer remains the "best of breed."

"Kydex fast and leather comfortable."

Answer comes standard with a smooth cowhide lining on the inside of the kydex side to protect finish and quiet the draw. T

YES, It's tuckable - you can tuck your shirt in over the pistol and holster.




2 months to make sure you like it and Lifetime warranty for labor and materials. We stand behind what we sell.