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"The Answer" Holster


(70 reviews)


Answer IWB 
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4-5 week turnaround to ship. *See Gun List to make sure we make the Answer for your pistol.*

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The Answer IWB Holster is famous for  speed, comfort and concealment. No other IWB holster compares in quality. This is the original Answer IWB holster, made with an especially comfortable dual-layer backing with no exposed hardware. It's tuckable and adjustable for height and cant. (We recommend the Slimline belt clips.)

You may have seen other hybrid holsters with two belt clips, a leather backing and a kydex shell. They are all poor copies. *Reviewers have put it this way. "The Answer is the original. You'd think if others wanted to copy it, they'd make improvements to the design, but they haven't.  The Answer remains the "best of breed."

"Kydex fast and leather comfortable."

Most Customers get their Answer with smooth cowhide lining on the inside of the kydex side to protect finish and quiet the draw. This adds only $15.

YES, It's tuckable - you can tuck your shirt in over the pistol and holster.


Been searching for the perfect Leather IWB Holster? 

1. Based of years of customer feedback, you'll have a 95% chance of success with us!

2. Every Tucker Gun Leather's IWB holster is guaranteed comfortable and concealable. ALL are tuckable!

3. Read the reviews. Check the gun forums, Do a search for comments on our leather IWB holsters.

4. If you get one and it just isn't a fit for you, we understand. Just send it back for a quick refund.

PAYMENT: Both PayPal and Credit Card payment methods will be charged immediately.*

*If payment is declined for any reason, do NOT repeatedly try to pay. Call us at 800-308-6628 for assistance. 

You can use the Pay by Phone payment method. This allows for a 50% deposit and the remaining 50% when we ship and we'll call you for your credit card info.

Checks and Money Orders are welcome with notification.

*No, we don't make interchangeable kydex bodies for different guns on the same holster. While it sounds like a good idea, we are more interested in perfect function than offering less than optimum solutions you may regret later.*



2 months to make sure you like it and Lifetime warranty for labor and materials. We stand behind what we sell.

70 Reviews Write a Review

  • 5
    The Answer

    Posted by John on 3rd Aug 2018

    Only had this holster for a few weeks so time will tell the overall story. However, these past few weeks wearing this holster and using this holster have been fantastic. I am one of those guys that wore leather for years and then converted to kydex years ago. Now, with "The Answer" it has really eliminated all the weaknesses that I have found in all the other holsters I've worn. Awesome!

  • 5
    Amazing Holster!!!

    Posted by Mike Dee on 11th Jul 2017

    There are no words that I can type that will do this product justice. This is my 3rd TG holster, but my first IWB.

    The look, fit, and feel of this holster is amazing. It molded naturally to my 4:00. This is unlike any other IWB holster I have owned. This is more than a thin piece of leather with a kydex shell riveted to it. This is one hunk of Premium leather carefully crafted for you. Do yourself a favor, and get the interior lining. You owe it to yourself!

  • 4
    Great quality and functionality

    Posted by Unknown on 30th Jan 2017

    The answer is the finest quality and the adjustments made it easy to position my 5 inch 1911 for great access. I also got a thick Tucker gun belt and it works great with the IWB holster. I got the leather lining and it was initially a bit sticky for drawing but is getting better with wear. I have a Springfield Range Officer Operator model with rail and the rail edges are digging grooves into the leather which seems to be improving the drawing and re-holstering, but does leave some leather residue on the gun that cleans off easily.

  • 5
    Old school craftsmanship,above and beyond

    Posted by Steve See on 8th Nov 2016

    Ordered my "answer" on 10/11/16 and after having a couple of questions about the fit, Rob assured me that all was good. I also was expecting the usual 6-8 wk turnaround.well, 11 days later the mail lady knocked on my door. Upon opening the box, that wonderful leather smell hit me and it was like being transported back to an old time saddle shop. My first thought was this thing is absolutely first class in every way. The leather, the leather lined kydex, just amazing. The baby Glock fits like a glove, and even toting around a Glock, this is really comfortable. It's already conforming to me and doesn't move at all. Do yourself a favor if you're gonna win, get yourself an Answer. I have a few of the other ones similar to this, but the answer has left em all in the holster drawer. Thanks Rob and Tucker for a awesome, awesome product.

  • 5

    Posted by David on 21st Jul 2016

    I have had a few holsters over the years, and this is by far one of my favorites. I am not an in the waste band guy either, and for me to rate this so highly it has to be outstanding. The customer service was amazing, we worked together so that it was just so. I am not a very patient person, but I will say it is worth the wait. Spend a few extra dollars and get it lined, trust me, you will thank yourself if you do. The fit and finish are great, it is very well made. The quality of the leather, the thickness of the kydex, the way in which you can adjust it. It just speaks volumes. There are a lot of knock offs out there, and they do not have it right. Go the distance and order one of these!

  • 5
    Spectacular, very well made holster

    Posted by John from Seattle on 7th Jun 2016

    To say The Answer is a finely crafted holster is an understatement. When removed from the packaging for the first time it screams top quality. From the first moment my hand grasped the thick double walled leather backing to seeing the solid, lined kydex sheath and heavy duty tension bolts, I was impressed. I've had issues with other holsters breaking under the strain of everyday carry requirements. Though I am just breaking it in The Answer's build quality is much superior than any other holster I've tried. It is true, I am a fan.

  • 5
    It’s not just a clever name...

    Posted by Kyle Gullicksrud on 17th May 2016

    I have tried countless holsters and finally came across “The Answer”. I have to say, it is just that! I have a very small frame and was concerned about how I was going to conceal without printing and advertising I was carrying. I am using this holster with a Sig p224 but ordered for a p229 with a rail and it works beautifully! It is comfortable all day(even while sitting). For those of you who don’t know, the Sig p224 is a double-stack 9mm. It is not a light or thin gun, but it rides very nicely in “The Answer”. I can only imagine how nice one of these holsters will work for my XDs or my Shield. The gun(s) itself (themselves) fit(s) like a glove and are easy to draw and re-holster.I highly recommend getting it lined with leather. It definitely adds an extra layer of protection for your investment. Plus, The adjustability of the cant on “The Answer” is great! It is simple and may take a couple of tweaks to perfect it to your preference. But, once it’s right, its right! I can’t say enough great things about the quality of both the material and workmanship of these holsters! It is fair to say, you get what you pay for. These holsters are well worth the price and the wait! Don’t waste time going anywhere else for a product of lesser quality. Do it right the first time and buy “The Answer”. I will most certainly be ordering more versions of this holster for my other pistols. Tucker hit it out of the park with this one! Great Job! Thanks for “The Answer”!

  • 5

    Posted by Jim R on 18th Apr 2016

    I received "The Answer" holster earlier than the time predicted. It is very well made. It fits the Glock 19 perfectly, and it also fits the Glock 26 like it was made for it. I did not have to adjust anything. I've been wearing it everyday since I received it. It was quite comfortable when I first put it on my belt, but it is feeling better as it conforms to my hip. Now, I hardly notice it's there. I did get it lined with cowhide, and the draw is slick and quiet. It also help with the pistol's retention. The only negative was the plastic clips, that fasten the holster to my belt, had what appears to be mould release spots that would scratch the belt if the belt is drawn through them. I took a sharp knife blade and cut these spots of smooth with the inside of the clips. There is no scratching now, and everything works perfectly. I highly recommend this holster! I have one other IWB holster, for a different handgun, from a different manufacturer. While it has held up fantastically for over 16 years, it is not as comfortable as "The Answer".

  • 5
    Attention to Detail

    Posted by Trevor on 27th Mar 2016

    I don't normally write reviews but I felt this was one product that deserved it. I researched for more time then I care to admit on the various online boards and forums for an IWB holster. I was about set on getting a similar hybrid holster from another company. I won't name names but I couldn't get over the fact that it had obnoxious crosses on the clips and a stamped cross on the leather. Then I came across Tucker Gun Leather. As soon as I saw it knew it was the one. I love American made leather products. From the boots on my feet, wallet in my pocket, and the belt around my waste. Now I can add the "The Answer" to that list. The turnaround time wasn't an issue because all that told me was these weren't mass produced on an assembly line they are handmade to order. There's nothing like the smell of new leather when I opened the package. The quality was outstanding. The stitching was excellent and the kydex fit like a glove. On the various online boards I read people justifying their purchase of a similar hybrid holster on the fact that they "could switch the kydex out for a different gun." Sure that might be great but this is a CUSTOM holster. The leather backing is designed and cut to fit YOUR gun, not just the shape of the kydex. If you could swap it out it would just be some slab of leather with some rivets. This has leather where it's needed for comfort and use and nothing more. I have a beaver tail on my 1911 and the holster doesn't get in the way. I can easily gain the proper grip when my hand naturally glides onto the gun without any part of the holster getting in the way. That's attention to detail. The break in time didn't take long at all. The leather now perfectly and comfortably fits around my hip. What did take a few days was figuring out the best position for the holster around my waist, each time it had to reform to the different position but that's expected. The only "complaint" I have is the leather lining kind of got chewed up on the inside of the kydex (I got the option to line the inside of the kydex with leather). But that was my own fault. During the fitting time I was playing with different positions of the holster. I have slide serrations on my 1911 and during practice draws and re holstering to find the position the serrations scraped against the leather, enough to where they were getting filled with leather particles and the stitching at the top of the kydex was getting frayed. I tried loosening the retention but that wasn't the issue, it was just my draw angle and the fact that I had to clear a 5in barrel out of the holster. Again I'm not blaming the quality of the holster by any means, it was my own fault. I just wished I noticed before I scraped the heck out of it. Now that I have the perfect cant and height on the holster it's not a problem. I just have to be conscious of it when holstering in the morning and taking it out at night. Speaking of adjusting the cant another thing I noticed is it could be easy to cross thread the the adjustment screws if you are not being careful. Pay attention and if it starts getting tight when it shouldn't be tight yet (like half way down) then back it off and try again. For some reason my screws kept wanting to go in the wrong angle. But this is only an issue during the initial search of the cant that's right for you. You're not playing with them every day. Now that I have the perfect position I put some blue loctite on the threads and I'll never touch them again. (unless one of the clips break and I have to replace it) Neither of these two issues warrant the removal of a star, both were user error. I can't vouch for customer service as I haven't had to use it but everything I've read says it's great. Should the need ever arise I'm sure I will have no issues. One thing I found funny is if anyone complained about their Tucker Gun Leather product on an online board Rob would chime in and say something along the line "how about you contact me and we can figure what the issue is and fix it instead of you complaining about it here". To me that's good customer service. He's out there searching the web for complaints about his products and trying to fix the issues. Well that's enough ranting. To sum everything up, stop looking at other holsters and just get "The Answer".