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Enjoy Your Right To Carry In Comfort

Enjoy Your Right To Carry In Comfort

on 9th Aug 2021

By Ben Baker

More states are passing gun rights protection laws. Texas is the latest to pass state laws protecting the rights of gun owners.

Starting Sept. 1, people in the Lone Star State can carry guns without without a license or training. This is often called "Constitutional Carry," a direct reference to the Second Amendment or 2A.

This is not an absolute right to carry. If you are prohibited from owning a gun under state or federal law, you cannot carry under the new Lone Star State law.A few things, but not all, that will prevent you from legally carrying a gun under the new law are:

  • Being a convicted felon
  • Under indictment for a felony
  • Having a restraining order on you because of some violent incident
  • Convicted of any family violence
  • Using illegal drugs, including marijuana

The background check form from the ATF goes into more detail about this.

Federal law requires a person to be 18 years old or older to own a gun. So, to carry in public you also have to be 18. Minors are allowed to have guns when hunting or at organized shooting events.

The new law also allows officers to ask you about the gun you have or ask if you are carrying a gun.

If you are not allowed to carry a gun, because of a criminal charge in the past, and you are caught with one, you’ll face stiffer penalties now. The new law also requires the Texas Department of Public Safety offer a free online courses on gun safety.

Tucker Gunleather supports your right to carry a gun. We also support your right to carry your choice of handgun in a holster that is comfortable, durable and attractive. We offer a full range of holsters to meet any kind of carry need.

IWB - Inside the waistband is probably the most popular way to carry concealed. The gun tucks inside your pants. You can pull your shirt out to cover it. You can also tuck your shirt into your pants, only exposing the belt clips on the outside of your pants.

OWB - Outside the waistband provides the fastest access to your sidearm. You don't have to pull your shirt out of the way. We also sell holster belts that look good, feel good and will not sag or warp over time. You will want to wear this belt even when you do not have a gun on your hip.

DEEP CARRY - This is our hybrid holster, combining Hermann Oak Leather and Boltaron synthetics. These holsters offer maximum adjustment with the comfort you need. Check out our video discussing this exciting new holster.

REVOLVER - There is just something about a good wheelgun that makes a definite statement. If you are the kind of person who prefers the feel and action of a solid revolver, we have the holster for you. We custom-form our holsters to the frame, barrel and cylinder of the most popular revolvers on the market today.

POCKET CARRY - Sometimes you just do not want something hanging off a belt, but you still need a gun to protect you and the people you care about. Tucker Gunleather has pocket carry holsters that protect your gun and protect your pocket without a profile that announces you are carrying a gun. Our pocket holsters fit snubbies and small-frame autoloaders.

CHEST HOLSTER - Choose from our regular leather chest holster or the Deep Carry chest holster. Both come with a huge amount of adjustment ranges so you can get the exact position you need. These holsters keep your gun right up front where it is immediately accessible. This is not for concealed carry. Many hunters appreciate this holster.

SHOULDER HOLSTER - Shoulder holsters offer the advantage of fast access to your carry piece along with the added security of having the gun less accessible to anyone else. If you need to take your rig off, the shoulder holster comes off without the need to remove a belt. Your gun stays in the holster as well.

ANKLE HOLSTER - An ankle rig is for those times you want a backup to your main carry or you do not want people to see anything that indicates you are carrying a gun. It usually takes longer to get to this gun as compared to our other holsters; that is why it is considered a backup.

FIELD HOLSTER - Simple, yet elegant is the way to describe our field holsters. These harken back to the Old West when people carried their sidearms openly. These simple rigs are stitched leather with no metal snaps or buckles. Hunters and cowboy action shooters love this holster.

MAG POUCHES - Never worry about running out of ammo in an emergency. Our mag punches will go in your pocket or on your belt.

Tucker Gunleather supports your right to carry to defend yourself and those important to you. We appreciate the Texas Legislature and Governor Greg Abbott for creating and passing this Constitutional Carry law.