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Get the drop on them before they drop you

Get the drop on them before they drop you

on 19th Nov 2020

Show It or Hide It

You didn’t see the threat in time and now you’ve got a split second to save your life!

Is your carry method going to make a difference?

Some are convinced that open carry gives you an edge, but others will argue that concealed carry is just as fast. What do you think?


Most feel that open carry holsters are the fastest from draw to point. There is nothing between you and your firearm right? So it just makes sense that open carry is the fastest of all. With practice, you can draw and fire in less than a second. The key is practice. You have to be familiar with your gun, the position of the gun, and how it comes out of the holster.

Big revolver holsters are almost always carried openly. It is almost impossible to pack a Ruger Blackhawk with a 10.5-inch barrel so that no one knows you have it on your person.

If you hunt with a handgun or pack one as a backup, go open carry. When you are staring down a bear with an attitude, you do not have time to search for a gun. Even if you are not hunting dangerous critters, you need fast access to your gun. If you walk into the woods to your deer stand and a deer pops into view, you need to get your gun out with a minimum of movement. OWB holsters give you that ability.

Take a more in-depth look at open carry, especially in public settings at Sky Above Us.


The chief advantage to concealed carry is, no one knows you are packing. Yes, it may be your right to open carry. Look at it this way. Every adult who sees you with a gun is a voter.

If a voter sees your gun and immediately gets nervous, you created a problem. Those nerves show at the ballot box. Your open carry may convince an on-the-fence voter to side with a gun control advocate. Concealed carry holsters eliminate this.

When you hide your piece, only you know about it, unless it is needed. Backup guns, typically small frame autos or snub wheel guns, are concealed carry. Many police officers carry a concealed gun on their ankle as insurance.

You can pull your shirt over your pants with IWB holsters to carry concealed. You can put your carry gun in your pocket.

Writing for The Federalist, Benjamin R. Dierker has seven points that apply to concealed carry as well as open carry. A sub-point he makes is valid only for concealed carry. You don't worry about being harassed about having a gun on your person.

Businesses that do not allow guns on the premises never know you have a handgun if you concealed carry. If you open carry into one of those places, the business can ask you to leave.


A major reason for open carry holsters is comfort. With the gun hanging off your belt or in a thigh rig, you don't have a gun poking you in a tender spot.

If you are a large or heavy person, finding comfortable IWBG holsters may be impossible. OWB holsters have far more adjustment room. In the rare case your gun is poking you, a quick shift stops that.

Don't write off concealed carry holsters just yet. The gun industry and holster makers see the need for better CCW holsters. If you are willing to pocket carry, you can get fine pocket leather holsters that hold the holster in your pants while the gun comes free. Iwb holsters often have adjustable settings to improve the comfort level as well.


If you follow shooting competitions, you can see incredible examples of blazing speed from concealed carry. A great example is the Appendix Carry with a loose shirt worn over the pants. The gun is an IWB in the front near the belt buckle.

Remember, how you carry is less important than making sure you are packing. You have to be able to defend yourself.


What about extras?

  • More magazines
  • Speed loaders
  • Guns with optics
  • Extra ammo is a good idea. How to carry it becomes the issue. Spare mags for an auto can be carried concealed or open. Backup mags in single or double stack, can fit in a pocket, inside the waistband or in a holster with pockets.

    Speed loader holsters for revolvers are belt-carry accessories. Unless you can pull your shirt over them, you are committed to open carry.

    Some concealed holsters allow lasers, especially under-the-barrel integral lasers.

    If you have a gun with a scope, open carry is the only way to go, unless you invest in a holster specifically designed for your gun and the optic on the top. Even so, you may find the sheer size of the gun with attachments makes concealed carry impractical and uncomfortable.


    Check your state's law about carrying a gun before you decide to pack heat, regardless of what you are doing and where you are going. The NRA has an excellent guide to keep you on the right side of the law.