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Do I need to carry a spare magazine?

Do I need to carry a spare magazine?

on 7th Apr 2020

You might question why you would need to carry an extra magazine pouch.

Statistically, the chance of you having to draw your handgun in self-defense is low. It's even less likely that you'll even use a full magazine during an encounter. However, it's always better to have it and not need it; than to need it and not have it.

Some encounters have required extra rounds when engaged. No one expects to be in a firefight and the hope is that it is over quickly. One magazine might be enough, but you may need another. It’s the same concept for why you carry a handgun in the first place because you can't plan ahead for what will actually occur. There may come a time when you need a spare magazine and you'll be glad that you have it with you.

Another good reason for packing an extra magazine is that you may have a malfunction in which you will need to remove the magazine and insert the spare.

Ways To Carry A Spare Magazine or Two

Some people have holsters with an attached magazine pouch but most firearms instructors recommend carrying your spare magazine on your weak side hip. Some may resort to putting their spare magazine in their pocket. This seems like an easy solution since most are the size of a cell phone; but this isn't a secure method and oftentimes you can lose a few rounds this way. If you happen to wear tight pants, it may be difficult to remove a magazine quickly because it can get snagged. The ideal option is to carry your spare magazine securely on your belt.

Magazine pouches can be worn inside the waistband (IWB) or on the belt outside the waistband (OWB). If you carry your pistol inside the waistband, it's likely you'll want to carry your spare magazine there too. This is the most concealable option but it’s important to find one that is comfortable for you since it will be right against your waist.

If you carry your magazine on your belt, the pouch should fit comfortably as well. It can be easily concealable by dressing with a longer shirt or jacket. Wearing it on the outside the waistband might also be preferable if you want to carry a double magazine pouch.

There are many great options for how you want to carry and Tucker Gun Leather provides all possible ways of carrying. You can rely on the quality and appearance of their leather products. They can even match the leather details of your holster, magazine pouch and belt to give you a more polished look.

However you wear it, a magazine pouch will ensure that your magazines are secure. It just makes sense in today's world to carry a spare or two.