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Tucker Gun Belts


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TGLB - 150


**It can be costly if you mis-measure for your belt, especially if it is too short. Ask for help if you’re uncertain.**

**Unstamped Gun Belts ship in 2 weeks or less if ordered separately. *  They all come with 7 holes 3/4" apart and with a square buckle.

*Stamped Gun Belts ship in up to 60 DAYS because they must be hand-stamped. **

You want to carry your gun in comfort, but it's virtually impossible with a single-layer traditional belt. 
These belts are 1/4" thick and are two layers of leather.*

 You need a true gun belt - a belt with two layers of leather bonded and sewn together so it resists twisting.This spreads the weight of your gun out over a larger area and prevents sagging, pulling and droop.

**NOTE: We ship in whole sizes. Example: 36", 37", 38", etc.  Not 38-1/2" or 36-3/4".  Please order accordingly.  Note: All Holsters are stamped "Tucker & Byrd" - our production partner.*

Note: These belts are 1/4" thick and stiff. ***

Our holsters are made to fit these belts, and will work with thinner belts, but we don't recommend dress belts (no support).

Tucker's gun belts are made two layers of premium Hermann Oak leather, the finest veg. tanned leather, made in the USA.*

The layered construction resists twisting, thereby spreading the weight of your gun out over a large area. No sagging, even with a heavy gun.

The stitching is perfect and the buckle is interchangeable. If you get stamping, it's done carefully by hand and looks extraordinary. 

When you draw your gun, the holster and belt should not pull up with the gun, but stay stationary. 

A true gun belt like ours will make you feel like the holster and gun are part of you, not some bothersome appendage flopping around on your waist. The gun belt is the foundation of comfortable carry.

 **Extra long belts are extra cost:  51" to 58" = $10 and 59" to 64" = $15 extra.

Easy Way to Put On a Gun Belt (below):

Tucker Gun Belts

The best way to put on a stiff gun belt is to avoid bending the tail of the belt back to the right and pulling. Instead, put the tail through the buckle, grab it with your right hand and move hands in opposite directions until you reach the hole you want. Same goes for taking the belt off.