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Stamping Design Examples

Personalize your holster as only Tucker Gunleather can. Well over half of our HF1, HF2 and HF3 holsters are ordered with either a border stamp or full stamp. These decorative treatments are done by hand and really set our holster apart. Belts and Magazine pouches, too.

Leather stamping involves the use of shaped implements (stamps) to create an imprint onto a leather surface, often by striking the stamps with a malletLeather tooling became popular among cowboys and ranchers of the “Wild West” for its ornamentation and expression of personal style. Elaborately tooled saddles helped express pride in their owners’ horsemanship and identified individual possessions among cowboys with no horses of their own.

Commercial stamps are available in various designs, typically geometric. Most stamping is performed on vegetable tanned leather that has been dampened with water, as the water makes the leather softer and able to be compressed by the design being pressed or stamped into it using a press. After the leather has been stamped, the design stays on the leather as it dries out, To make the impressions last longer, the leather is conditioned with oils and fats to make it waterproof and prevent the fibers from deforming.

A border stamp with a concho or initial placed in the center of the holster tab is eye-catching and makes your holster your own. The Fleur de Lis or Egyptian Key border stamp patterns are classics, done with a small stamping tool on a 3-inch slender post and tapped with a hammer just so. The depth of the stamp is uniform resulting from consistent hammer taps and perfect alignment. It's "tap, move, check placement and tap."  The result is beautiful.

A full stamp can be done with the same method - tap, move, tap - or be done with a swivel knife free hand. More of a sweeping cut than a stamp. Full stamp designs like Cross Cut, Diamond Cut, Swirl Cut and Basketweave come with their own border stamp. No need to add a border stamp when ordering a full stamp on your holster. There are several of our videos that show the stamping process.

See the short video highlighting the different patterns available. It's nice to have options to personalize your new holster.

 Note: All "Full Stamp" Designs come with their own border. You don't need to add one.

Full Stamps

Cross Cut


Diamond Cut


Spiral Cut


Swirl Cut



Border Stamps

Fleur de Lis


Egyptian Key