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Revolver Holster Leather


Charter Arms: Bulldog

Chiappa Rhino 4" and 2" bbl.

Colt: Det. Special, Thunder - 1862, Python, Magnum Carry, Single Action Army, Colt Cobra 2", Colt King Cobra 2"

Kimber K6s

Ruger: Alaskan, LCR, LCRX, GP100, GP100 .44 Special 3 inch, Security Six.

Blackhawk, Redhawk 4.2", Redhawk 5.5", Vaquero, Single Six, SP-101

S&W: Governor, BodyGuard .38 (NEW) J, K, L, N & X Frames, 329PD


Taurus: The JUDGE w/2-1/2" chamber only, Model 85, 405, 605, 650, 651, 805, 850, 905, Model 617, Model 627, Model 450, 455 etc..



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