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Paddle Holster - Leather




Leather Paddle holster in Basketweave Stamp

Phone: 713-772-6224

Paddle Choice of two Positions - FBI Cant or Vertical. Comes standard with Sweatshield and is fully lined with smooth cowhide. (Shown above with extra cost basketweave stamp.)

The holster itself is leather and the paddle is injection molded nylon.*  

Time to ship is 4 months due to high order volume. *    Note: All Holsters are stamped "Tucker & Byrd" - our production partner.*


Holsters worn on the belt are often called "OWB" or Outside the Waistband holsters. (The opposite of Inside the Waistband or IWB holsters.) Paddle holsters are a version of OWB holsters that are easy on and off.

OWB holsters are more comfortable than Inside the Waistband holsters and can be easily concealed with a shirt, vest or jacket. They are offered with custom features so you can have a belt holster that exactly fits your needs and reflects your pride of ownership.

Our Handmade custom leather Holsters, Gun Belts and Accessories are made for Concealed Carry, IDPA Competition and Off Duty LEO use.