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HF2 Belt Holster


(63 reviews)


HF2 Med. Brown

Customer Experiences

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Lead time 2 weeks if plain, 3 weeks if stamped.

Price shown is the Base Price without extra cost options. *

*Two Tone is available at no charge. Select the body color from the drop down “color options list.” Then select the “tab” color.

Unfortunately, we cannot make the HF2 for small .380 caliber pistols.

The most common purpose of an HF2 holster is when carrying three different lengths of 1911-style pistols - 5", 4 or 4-1/4" or 3 or 3.5" barrel lengths.

Some customers order the HF2 just because they like the look of that style.

HF 2 Video Review


bk-hf2-glock-swirl-pe-crop-4-pe.jpgThe HF2 Open Muzzle Design allows you to use several slide lengths in the same holster without catching the front sight on the draw. Best with ramp front sights. Usually for 1911's, Glocks and XD's.

The holster rides at a 13 degree forward cant angle on your belt.

***NOTE: We cannot make the HF1 or HF2 for .380 caliber pistols or small 9mm pistols such as the Sig P-938 or Ruger LC9.

We cannot scale it down that far. Ask if you're uncertain.

The HF2 combines the best features of two different designs. It rides like a pancake and stays open for life like a "tunnel and loop" design.

The visible overflap provides the front belt slot to bring the holster in close and keep it secure. The cant angle is perfect for most people and the holster comes ready to use with very little break in.

Retention is very good so no thumbreak is required unless it's just personal preference or department mandate.

The compact size wasn't designed for small pistols; it was designed to carry several lengths of the same pistol.

Mounting the HF-style Holster on the belt.

Note - HF1 vs. HF2:

The HF1 is made to the length of a specific pistol. It's still open at the bottom, but the holster tapers down to the opening and will not allow the muzzle through.

The HF2 is made for several lengths of the same pistol (usually 1911-style or 9mm/40 caliber Glocks). It is open and flared so the front sight doesn't catch when you draw the pistol.

Some customers just  like the look of the HF2 with the slide sticking out the bottom even though they do not have several lengths of the same pistol.

Both ride at the same height and cant angle.*

NOTE: Holster is pictured with extra cost options. ($105 buys a plain, unlined, unstamped HF2 without a concho.)

(Each full stamp includes its own border stamp. No need to order a border stamp with a full stamp.) 



63 Reviews Write a Review

  • 5
    HF2 belt holster

    Posted by Dana Dillon on 28th Jun 2019

    This is the 2nd HF2 holster I’ve purchased from Tucker. Looks great, lasts forever ! Thank you Mr. Tucker

  • 5
    2nd HF2 holster.

    Posted by William on 11th Apr 2019

    I chose to buy another HF2 holster! First one I got was custom with border and an initial stamp that came out great. I ordered a plain black one this time to use for work. Glad I have 2 of them now so they last 2 lifetimes. Amazing quality and shipped faster than stated. Thanks for another great holster!

  • 5
    HF2 holster

    Posted by Joe Finnerty on 4th Apr 2019

    This will be the 5th holster from Tuckergunleather. The fit and finish on all 5 have been excellent. They hold my firearms snugly without hampering my draw. What more could you ask for, except they look good while they do their job. Thanks Rob.

  • 4
    Ranger belt / HFT Holster

    Posted by Al king on 20th Sep 2018

    I received my belt in less then 2 weeks. Excellent made. Fits great. Received my holster after 2 months. Best holster ever bought. Will be buying more products in the near future.

  • 5

    Posted by Michael Schmidt on 23rd Aug 2018

    Same excellent quality as my HF1.best holsters I own.Keeps hand gun in tight to the body, easy to draw and register. Daily use.

  • 5
    Excellent holster

    Posted by John Windle on 27th Jul 2017

    Quality all the way. That's what you get. The holster was initially stiff and took some break in time with the gun in the holster. Fit was perfect and the gun sits close to your body.

  • 5

    Posted by John Windle on 21st Jul 2017

    I purchased an HF2 holster in dark brown with the dark brown stitches. I just wanted it plain as it would be an every day carry holster. It arrive pretty quick for a hand made holster. The fit was excellent as always and it has a classy look. It took about a day to break it in by just leaving the gun inside it, then draws in and out. I can't say enough about Tucker holsters. I have an ankle holster, IWB and OWB. All are first rate. Treat your self to a first class holster rather than the off the shelf stuff. They're not that much more money but they are a world of difference in quality.

  • 5
    Perfect as always

    Posted by Thomas G on 3rd Jul 2017

    Anther gem from Tucker Gunleather. Got this and a matching Ranger Belt and they function and look perfect. Thanks for the great service Rob.

  • 5
    Top Quality Holster

    Posted by Paul Dorsey on 15th Jun 2017

    The HF2 holster is top quality. The stitching is very good. My Kimber 1911
    3" pistol fit very securely.