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The Best Leather For Your Gun Holster

The Best Leather For Your Gun Holster

on 12th Jul 2021

By Ben Baker 

When it comes to the best leather for your gun holster, the kind of leather matters. You might think all leather is the same, except for the thickness and the softness.  

It is not.

Tucker Gunleather uses Hermann Oak premium vegetable-tanned leather. Years ago we tried several different leather vendors and we found Hermann Oak is the most durable, long-lasting and toughest leather for gun holsters.


Cow hide leather is the strongest leather available for the kind of work needed to make gun holsters. Other animal hides can be used, but you will get something that is not as durable and lasting.

For instance, ostrich hide makes a beautiful leather. It is also very thin and is stretched over a tougher leather, like cow hide, so it can be used in boots. It tears far more easily than cow leather.


Alligator and crocodile leather are also pretty tough, but do not last nearly as long as cow leather. "Alligator leather is one of the most beautiful and durable of the luxurious exotic leathers and with a little care should last several years," says Alligator Leather.

At Tucker Gunleather, we make gun holsters that will last a lifetime, not several years.

Snake hides must be mounted to another thicker and more durable leather. Even so, they have a limited life, especially when used frequently.

Vegetable Tanned

Hermann Oak uses a vegetable tanning process. Most leather in the world is made through a chrome-tanning process. A lot of people point to the eco-friendly vegetable tanning as compared to the chrome process that uses chromium salts and other chemicals that are not environmentally friendly.

At Tucker Gunleather, we believe in doing good by the environment and we believe in delivering you the best leather we possibly can.

"Vegetable tanned leather is thicker and holds up to more rugged or daily use [compared to chrome tanned leather]. With proper care, vegetable tanned leather can last for many decades," says, American Leather Direct.

When you buy from us, you are investing. You are buying a holster your grandchildren can some day use.

Why Leather

A common question we hear is "why should I get leather for my gun holster?"

In addition to the reasons mentioned above, leather is simply beautiful. We have one customer who told us he was not sure if he should wear his holster or frame it. We create functional leather art, not massed-produced plastic.

We have a variety of colors to choose from. Some holsters can be two-toned for added effect. You should also look at our conchos; some people may call them badges or medallions.

When we stamp the leather, is done by hand. We do spend a lot of time working with stamping equipment to make sure everything is as uniform and even as we can make it. It is never going to be as precise as a machine. You are getting a hand-made holster and you want something that shows a master craftsman's touch.

Not some pre-programmed machine that turns out holsters en masse. This means every holster that leaves our factory is unique. These tiny differences may never be noticed, but you know your holster was made exclusively for you and no one has one exactly like it.

Over time, leather adapts to you and the gun holds. In an every day carry, your holster becomes a part of your regular attire. If you don't feel the weight of the gun and the way the leather rides against you, you feel something is just not right.

We believe our holsters have character. Over time, your Tucker Gunleather holster will get scratched. The leather may develop some minor stains. This just adds more character, like what happens to a favorite hat, pair of boots or a shirt.

We make custom holsters. Machines that stamp out polymer holsters dozens or hundreds per hour, well, mass production. What else can be said about that?

Tucker Gunleather. When you want the best, do not settle for the rest.