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Teamed Up With Covered 6 to Collaborate on Holster Design

Teamed Up With Covered 6 to Collaborate on Holster Design

on 22nd Feb 2021

Tucker Gunleather reached out to Covered 6 to be included in their product review process which transpired into an exciting collaboration. This was a great opportunity to get incredible feedback and also collaborate with experts to create a “perfect holster.” The effort was inspired by the idea of field testing these holsters in real world situations. Tucker Gunleather is already an established and successful company however we wanted to see what areas we could improve upon and how to exceed customers’ expectations.

Who is Covered Six?

Covered 6 is a security Academy and is the National training standard for the US Department of Labor based in Moorpark, CA. They offer comprehensive professional security training programs which include cyber and physical security as well as other protective services. Their trainers are handpicked for experience and expertise, which is why Tucker Gunleather wanted the best to review their products.

Making The Best IWB Holster

The team from Covered 6 looked at what attributes that Tucker Gunleather was working with and what stood out to them the most was the unique product material Boltaron. This material is a high-grade polymer sheeting that is an alternative to Kydex. As a synthetic material it offers excellent formability as well as a resistance to high temperature. This means that unlike leather, Boltaron will not decay or absorb moisture. There are acids in natural and treated leather that when in contact for long periods of time can cause corrosion.

Tucker Gunleather likes the best of both worlds by using a patented process of taking Boltaron and stitching as well as fusing it to leather. This method gives all the benefits of Boltaron combined with the beautiful look of Herman Oak Leather (which is the only leather used by Tucker Gunleather). The combination of materials keeps the beauty of a custom holster, the smell of leather and hand stamped emblems; with the benefit of the sturdy material.

When Rob from Tucker Gunleather reached out to Chris Dunn from Covered Six, he made his intentions clear that he wanted to be making the “perfect holster.” Tucker Gunleather is already a well-loved brand but Rob wanted to evolve with his customer’s needs. It seemed like a tall order since there are already so many established competitors and a saturated market for high-quality holsters. Rob’s response was “At least we can try.”

Final Product

Tucker Gunleather immediately sent Chris and his team a shipment of holsters and they began to perform the standard product tests. When Rob asked for feedback, Covered 6 had some issues and suggested improvements which the team at Tucker Gunleather immediately worked on. The consistent communication between the two teams brought about incredible results by redesigning the holsters based on the testing. Chris from Covered 6 had never had such a willingness from a company to collaborate on a product before. This experience has set a foundation for a long-term cooperation effort between the two companies to see what Tucker Gunleather can come up with next. Tucker Gunleather is known for its quality and now they are raising the bar with innovation.

“If you are interested in an amazing concealed carry outside- the- waistband and inside- the -waistband product, check out Tucker Gunleather because they are doing some incredible stuff and you will be impressed with their product as much as we are.”

- CHRIS DUNN, Covered 6

Two other team members of Covered Six worked on this collaboration alongside Chris. Justin, one of the primary gear testers endorses Tucker Gunleather’s DC-2 inside the waistband. He was impressed with how the holster is created for over 300 pistol models that can support accessories such as red dots, lights and lasers and can even be custom fitted for cant.

“I’ve found that this holster is extremely comfortable to wear, whether I’m sitting in my vehicle for long periods of time or I’m out on the trail on a long hike, I can barely tell that I’m wearing it.”

- JUSTIN, Covered 6

Hans, a firearm instructor from Covered six, is a marine corps veteran who has been professionally shooting for the past 12 years. At the time of his review, he had been carrying the DC-2 holster for over 2 months. He was thoroughly impressed with the collaboration results.

“One of the best holsters I have ever used in my life, it’s extremely comfortable and the retention is amazing and the best part is that even though it's leather it does not lose its rigidity over time. Best holster I’ve ever used.”

- HANS, Covered 6