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Reasons You Should Never Store Your Gun In a Holster

Reasons You Should Never Store Your Gun In a Holster

on 7th May 2021

Should you store your gun your holster?

How long should you keep your gun in a holster?

The short answer is – Don’t store your gun in your holster.

Even though Tucker Gunleather uses Hermann Oak veg. tanned leather that’s PH balanced for gun contact, we do not recommend long term storage of a side arm in a holster, especially if you did not purchase the holster from Tucker Gunleather. Some of the cheaply made leathers on the market today will pit the finish on your gun in a matter of weeks. Our Hermann Oak A grade leather is a true holster leather, tanned by Hermann Oak specifically for the manufacture of holsters and gun related items. It is the best that you can get so we feel confident in advising our customers to leave their gun in the holster for a few days during the break-in period but after that the only time it should be in a holster is when it is on your side and in use. 


Some holsters require a break-in period. Most of the holsters from Tucker Gunleather are ready to use out of the box. Sometimes leather holsters are a bit tight (better than loose).

Put the holster on your belt to check the fit because many times the holster will achieve final retention only when worn on the belt. Practice draws with an empty gun usually loosens the holster just the amount needed.

If the holster is still tight, place the unloaded gun in the zip lock bag the holster came in and wrap the excess around the gun. Place the gun in the holster overnight and it will stretch the holster just the amount needed to ease the fit. If still too tight use two layers of waxed paper (wax side out). This is a tried and true method and shown in numerous Youtube videos.

Once your holster fits the way you want be sure to practice safely drawing your unloaded gun from the holster until you are able to do so smoothly and consistently.


Store your gun in a low humidity area. A gun safe with humidity control is ideal. (Don’t store in the holster.)

Home Defense

Some wear their pistol around the house. Others place two or three pistols in strategic locations around their house for ready access. Most of us have to prevent easy access by our children (or their visiting friends) and buy lock boxes and gun safes. There are many variations of quick access lock boxes available.

Extended Wear 

This is where most problems with extended holstering come up. Most people will wear their sidearm and never give a thought to what the day held. They hang up their gun in the holster ignoring the sweat, dust, oil, rain and other contaminants and rust-starters they encountered during the day.

Our sweat shield is not only designed to keep your sweat off your gun. It is more of a comfort feature.

Leather absorbs liquids, including sweat. When it takes up liquids, it also absorbs whatever is in that liquid. Sweat contains oils and salts that will start the rusting process.

Be careful with leather conditioners as some contain elements that can speed rusting. We recommend just wiping your Tucker Gunleather holster down with a slightly damp cloth and letting it air dry. Our oils and waxes provide a superior level of protection right out of the box.

(At the same time, take care of your gun! If you go duck hunting in the rain, when you get home you take the shotgun apart to dry it. Give your sidearm the same care. Clean your gun.)

Final Thoughts

Holster your sidearm daily in your Tucker Gunleather holster for as long as you like just don’t store the gun in the holster. Take good care of the gun and the holster. Clean both. Practice with both. Your handgun and your holster should give you many years of service. With proper care, you can hand them down to your kids or grandchildren.