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Reasons To Carry Inside The Waistband

Reasons To Carry Inside The Waistband

on 20th Jul 2021

The sign said, "Please refrain from open carry." Carry concealed is requested.

That was seen on the door of a large store on a recent trip to town. Note the store was not saying customers cannot carry into the store. They merely asked it be concealed.

So, what are some good reasons to carry a concealed firearm, either IWB, on an ankle or in a pocket? Tucker Gunleather has the answers you are looking for.


If you live in a place where the weather is changeable, concealed carry protects your gun. In South Georgia and Florida, summertime thunderstorms can erupt and disappear in minutes. In places like west Texas, Arizona and New Mexico, that wind ripping through the desert carries plenty of dust. 

Get enough dust in the workings of handgun and you are carrying a metal brick instead of a firearm. Since an IWB holster hides the bottom half of the gun, you don’t have to worry that your shirt will ride up and expose it

In the northern reaches during the winter, an exposed handgun in a snowstorm can take in some of that snow which refreezes and locks the gun up tight.

Certainly concealed carry will not keep out everything Mother Nature throws at you. It is certainly better than just leaving your carry piece open to that assault.

Carrying concealed protects your gun just like the clothing you wear protects you from the outside elements. 


Right now, each state is allowed to decide the laws for carrying a sidearm. Guns to Carry has a breakdown of the laws for each state.

For instance, several states ban open carry outright. They are: Florida, Illinois, New Jersey, New York, South Carolina.

California, Colorado are mixed states. In some of the rural areas, handguns can be opened carried. In urban areas, no.

Hawaii is an outlier. Open carry is allowed, but the state also does not grant permits to carry handguns.

Also note, open carry laws vary for hunting purposes. If you are in a deer stand with a .44 hogleg on your hip, that is probably allowed, if the state allows handgun hunting for deer. If you walk through Tallahassee, FL, with that same wheelgun exposed on your side, you are running afoul of the law.

Just because you have a carry permit in your state does not mean you can carry open or concealed in another state. US Concealed Carry has a interactive map to tell you if you can cross into another state with a gun on you.


Employers are allowed to ban bringing a gun onto the premises. For some people that may be a job non-starter or a deal-breaker.

If so, then you have to decide if you will carry and violate company policies or not or take a job somewhere that allows concealed carry. Many factors go into this decision such as safety, company-supplied security and other matters. It comes down to an individual decision.

Some companies will allow you to concealed carry. They are concerned about the image customers and visitors may get by seeing employees with a gun. The company is asking you to be considerate of the people who are paying the bills and your salary.


Comfort matters. Sure, having something on your side makes it easy to get to. But that gun sticks out past your waistline. Sooner or later, it will get caught on something.

That said, a lot of people think IWB holsters are uncomfortable. That's because they do not have a properly fitted holster designed for the specific gun they carry and mean to be concealed around the waist.

Tucker Gunleather IWB holsters are comfortable once you make the needed adjustments. Your carry piece is also immediately available any time you need it.


Let's summarize some reasons for concealability.

  • Weather - Protect your gun. Take care of your carry piece and when you need it, it will take care of you.
  • Laws - Laws change as often as the people who make those laws change. Carry concealed and no one but you knows you have a gun. If a situation arises where your gun is needed, you will be thanked.
  • Job requirements - Carrying concealed costs you nothing and often avoids making the people who pay the bills and your salary uncomfortable. Take care of the customer or someone else will.
  • Comfort - If you think IWB or another concealed carry is uncomfortable, you've never used the right holster. Tucker Gunleather will change your mind about that.
  • Satisfaction - You get the quiet satisfaction of knowing you are ready for contingencies and no one else needs to know about it.