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Reasons For a Shoulder Holsters

Reasons For a Shoulder Holsters

on 5th Jul 2021

Shoulder holsters sometimes get a bad and undeserved rap. Here are the facts you should consider to see if a shoulder holster is right for you.


A chief complaint about shoulder rigs is they are not comfortable. The same thing can be said about shoes, shirts, pants, socks and hats. What makes something you wear uncomfortable is the fit.

When something fits, it is comfortable. Tucker Gunleather shoulder holsters are made with plenty of adjustment room. You will need to spend a few minutes making the adjustments to get the perfect fit for you.

US Concealed Carry has a tips for fitting a shoulder holster. The best idea in the article is to rig up and stand in from a mirror. See how you move and how the holster adapts to that movement.

Concealed Carry

When most people think of concealed carry with a shoulder rig, they think of men in suits. The blazer covers the holster. Concealed carry is more simple and easier than that.

You can wear a shoulder rig concealed or not. If you carry concealed, it works under a shirt, under a vest, under a blazer or jacket.

Carry While Driving 

If you spend a lot of time behind the wheel, think about how you are going to pull your firearm when you need it. Hip rigs are often pinned in place by a seatbelt. Appendix carry can also get pinned by the seatbelt. Another problem is drawing your piece when you need it from a seated position is hard to do. Try it and see.

A shoulder holster is not pinned by a seat belt. You have better access to it than carrying somewhere around your waist or hips.

Heavy Guns

If you ever tried to strap a hogleg or a big autoloader on your hip, you probably wish you also wore suspenders. That big piece of iron on your side will pull your pants down.

A shoulder rig, when properly adjusted, distributes that weight across your shoulders, rather than concentrating it in one spot. It also won’t pull your pants down. In fact some Tucker Gunleather should rigs come with a belt loop. It actually holds your pants up while you carry.

No Snags

As much as we love hip holsters, they have one big drawback, they do stick out. A shoulder rig does not. Slide on a sweatshirt and your carry piece stays neatly out of the way and yet within ready reach. Mechanics, who have to get under cars, will appreciate this.

If you carry a sidearm as a backup for stalk hunting, then a shoulder rig makes a draw easier than a hip or appendix carry when you are on your side or back and even your belly. Also, hip or belly carry will drag and snag if you have to crawl.

Do you really need a sidearm as backup, or even a primary, when you hunt? Think of this. You are stalking something and expecting a long-range shot, 300+ yards. You are crawling along through the underbrush and a bear or a big wild hog pops out 10 feet away. That rifle with a big scope and high magnification is not as good as your backup at very close range.

Recoil Pad

Here’s something no one else discusses in shoulder rigs, long gun recoil. You can put a recoil pad on the shoulder straps. Attach it with Velcro so you can remove it later. Big bore rifles pack plenty of recoil. Tame it with your backup holster.

Extra Ammo

Good shoulder rigs come with extra pouches to hold magazines or speed loaders. Everything is right there where and when you need it. If you are in a rush, grab your shoulder rig and be confident you are packing enough ammo to take care of the situation. In an emergency, you do not want spend time looking for ammo to match the gun you grab.