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Pancake Holsters: At a Glance

Pancake Holsters At a Glance

on 1st Mar 2018

While you may view your gun as a magnificent, treasured piece of hardware, there’s no question that it can be uncomfortable and cumbersome without a proper place to conceal it.

Have you considered investing in a pancake holster?

Pancake holsters, which are ideal concealed carry holsters among law enforcement and civilians, are commonly constructed of leather or nylon, with leather being one of the more popular varieties.

Many gun owners say that they prefer pancake holsters because they conceal so well and are comfortable. Another advantage of a pancake holster is security – you attach this style directly to your belt, and you can position it anywhere along your waist.

What Is a Pancake Holster? 

Pancake style holsters feature two pieces of material sewn together to create a flat-type pouch – which many people say resembles a pancake.

Traditionally, holster craftsmen only designed leather pancake holsters. Today, however, they are available in a wide variety of materials, including molded Kydex and other plastic materials, as well as nylon and cloth.

They feature convenient slots that allow you to run a belt through them. As a result, they cannot fall from your belt.

Typically feature two or three belt slots. You can wear three-slot pancake holsters on your strong side, or as a cross-draw holster on your weaker side.

Body Type & Handgun Concealment

For the most part, how well your pancake holster fits depends on your body type.

In general, the larger your midsection, the increased likelihood that you'll prefer the pancake holster. Alternatively, if you happen to be on the slimmer side, we suggest you find a pancake holster that pulls your gun in at the top. In fact, those gun owners with smaller waistlines should look for ones that feature the belt loops up high, helping to bring the butt of the gun in closer to the body while hanging the pistol barrel lower.

Did you know that the level in which you wear your pants also impacts the effectiveness and comfort of a pancake holster?

For example, if you prefer to wear your pants low on the hips, it can cause your gun to ride vertically. On the other hand, if you like to wear your pants a little higher, it can help pull the gun closer to your body.

Finally, to properly conceal your gun in the holster, it is crucial to wear an outer garment. Whether you prefer a long t-shirt or a jacket, the clothing should hang at least eight inches below your belt line.

What Style Holster Works for Your Needs?

Ultimately, well-made pancake holsters should hold your gun tight against your body – the style adds rigidity and helps minimize printing.

A custom leather pancake holster is not only eye-catching but also can remain durable and dependable for years to come. They can deliver years of reliable service.

As to whether you should invest, well the honest truth is that you will know a good holster is an ideal option simply by wearing it and testing it out.

We often recommend that customers wear their new holster around the house (gun unloaded) for a while to get used to having it on their body. In fact, we suggest wearing it until it becomes “no big thing.” As we have said to our customers before, “if you choose a well-designed holster that fits in the ‘sweet spot,’ you’ll get used to the new experience quickly.”

Thanks to more than 25 years of customer feedback, you can find stylish designs, comfort, concealment and adjustability in all of Tucker Gunleather’s holsters, including our pancake holsters. We guarantee all purchases for 90 days, and we make it easy to return a holster that may not be the right one for your personal needs.

We use only the best Hermann Oak premium vegetable-tanned leather when crafting our leather holsters. Combined with extensive training 30 years of experience and extraordinary workmanship, we always provide a real treasure when you open the box.

Contact us today to learn more.