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How Many Holsters Do You Need?

How Many Holsters Do You Need?

on 11th Dec 2020

Many people think they only need one holster. They think wrong. If you have more than one handgun, you need more than one holster. Sometimes, you need more than one holster for the same gun.

If your sidearm does multiple duty, then you need more than one holster. The same holster you use at the range on shooting practice day is not the same as the holster you need to carry when hunting.

A quality holster should be stiff and conform to the gun. Loose, sloppy fitting or form-hugging holsters like those made from fabric just get in the way when you are drawing your gun. If you need your carry piece in your hand, then you don't want to fight with a holster that is stuck to the gun.

Custom leather holsters hold your gun and still release it very quickly when you draw.

Let's take a look at the types of holsters you need.


For your EDC (everyday carry), you need a holster that won't be the way when you draw your weapon. In an emergency, fractions of a second do count. You can carry with OWB Holsters or IWB Holsters, both of which allow for a super-fast draw if you practice.

IWB Holsters are excellent for concealed carry. Wear a loose shirt outside your pants and no one knows you are packing.

Practice your draw at home in front of a mirror with OWB Holsters and IWB Holsters. Learn to slide the shirt up and out of the way in one smooth motion.

If you carry a backup to your EDC, get an ankle holster. Ankle holsters do have some unique requirements.

• Baggy pants. Your pants must be loose enough at the ankles to let you move and draw the gun easily. You don't need bell bottoms, but boot cut won't work.

• No shorts. Wearing shorts defeats the purpose of a CCW on your ankle.

• Long dress. You can wear a dress and an ankle holster. Just be sure the dress goes to the floor. Crossing your legs without exposing the gun is difficult. Practice in front of a mirror to learn how.


If you hunt with handguns, you need a holster that suits hunting. As hunters know, motion and scent are critical. You need a holster that allows minimal movement when you draw.

Cover scent and scent eliminations are up to you. Be safe, not sorry. Never spray your holster with the cover scents or blockers.

Hunters also need a holster that holds their piece very securely. If you walk through the brush, limbs and vines can snag your gun and jerk it from your holster without you knowing.

Leather holsters also protect your gun from scratches, dings and everything else Mother Nature can throw at you. Leather is just as effective as polymer at keeping your gun looking good.

Protection and security are reasons to get a holster that secures your gun tightly. Chest holsters are an excellent choice as well.


If you are shooting in competition, speed is the thing. Fractions of a second separate the winner and the loser. If you have holster that holds your gun tight or has a lock on it, you waste precious time trying to free the gun.

Cowboy action shooters should look at the revolver field holster. These have an optional hammer thong that holds your piece securely when away from the firing line. When you step up to shoot, slide the thong out of the way.

Three-gun competition shooters need something similar for the handgun rounds.

You can tell a good competition holster by how the gun is gripped. If the holster has a lock, like many polymer holsters, that's not what you want. You waste time and motion hitting the release button.

The handgun grip should be fully exposed. Any part of the holster that rides up along the grip is just something to get in the way when you are reaching.

Competition shooters almost always use OWB Holsters.


Weather is a determining factor in the kind of holster you need. Leather holsters can be made water-resistant. Water, heat and cold all affect holsters. Quality leather holds up better than most polymers to temperature extremes.

Our holsters leave the facility ready for whatever Mother Nature may throw at you and the rig.

Just be sure to follow our simple steps to care for your custom holsters.


More ammunition is always a good idea. If you are packing a double-stack autoloader, carry another two magazines. The additional weight is negligible compared to the security of having enough ammo to get the job done.

Wheelgun shooters can either pack extras in speed loaders or on a belt in ammo loops.

Our custom holsters let you decide how much extra ammo to carry. You can carry anywhere from a few rounds all the way to a whole box.