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​Helping Your Community During the Coronavirus Outbreak

Helping Your Community During the Coronavirus Outbreak

on 13th Apr 2020

As the Coronavirus news grew grimmer, we decided to do our part as so many others have done. We decided to make masks for local first responders. 

We purchased 6 basic sewing machines and set up a climate-controlled room at our facility to make cloth masks. We had dies made for the pattern and use our “clicker” to cut multiple layers of fabric at one time. Several wives of our crew volunteered and invited their friends as well so we have rotating shifts of these lovely ladies working throughout the day.

Thanks to them we’re providing masks to our local law enforcement and others at no charge. We’re an approved vendor for the local Sheriff’s Office and District Attorney’s Office plus several others.Here at Tucker Gun Leather, we are doing the best we can in serving the community in these difficult times. Besides washing your hands and staying at home, give a helping hand to others during the pandemic:

Donate blood

According to the American Red Cross received 86,000 fewer blood donations, and will worsen as the pandemic is far from over. Be a life-saver as cancellations continue to increase. Find your local blood drive here.

Give to hospitals

Hospitals are running low on face masks, hand sanitizers, disinfectant wipes, gloves, and other necessary medical supplies. You can create your own masks our of cloth and see if your local police department, hospital, or first responders can use it. Here is a great article from the CDC teaching you how to make approved surgical masks.

Care for those who are in the front line

Medical professionals, first responders, teachers, grocery store clerks, and even your mailman are risking their lives to keep our communities running.

Display a token of gratitude by writing a letter to your local police departments, connecting with your favorite eateries by offering tips, or simply encouraging your delivery man when they drive by.

Shop for neighbors and friends

If you know people who are struggling to get food and essentials, do a grocery trip for them.

You can volunteer for Meals on Wheels, a nonprofit that delivers food to older people who are unable to get it themselves. Find your local Meals on Wheels here, and become a volunteer.

You all stay safe out there.