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Velcro Belt Clips (Pair)


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Velcro Belt Clips (Pair)

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Kydex Belt Clips for Tucker IWB Holsters Treat these clips with a little care and they'll last for a long time. They are not part of the Tucker Guarantee because they are a consumable item.

Not for Silent Thunder IWB's which we no longer sell. Call or email for where to buy.

Velcro Belt Clips are your stealthiest option and hold your holster securely to prevent movement.

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    Good Clips,

    Posted by Brian on 30th Jul 2014

    Think of J hooks, without the upward curve of the J. Then think of ordinary strip velcro you could get at Wal-Mart or JoAnn Fabrics. Next, staple that velcro completely around the J clip with two super heavy duty staples. That's what these clips are.

    They seem to hold quite well, between the pressure of the belt and the sheer force velcro creates. I would have liked to see the sturdier (and less scratchy) industrial velcro, and only applied to one side of the hook, so as not to tear up my pants as the velcro rubs against them on the back side. The ordinary velcro also slips a little bit, so it's not the most solid vertically or horizontally either.

    All in all, they do what they say: they hold the holster/gun stable-enough and quite stealthily. I'd say these are on par with the other clips as decent, sufficient, but would be nice if they were a little better. C Clips curve on the bottom, but should curve on the top. J Clips don't put any weight on the belt, sacrificing it for stealth. Regular clips deform and break if you take your holster off regularly. Velcro Clips will wear on your pants and slip a little bit, but are fairly stable and very stealthy.