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Urban Legend Belt Holster




Urban Legend Belt Holster

Lead time is 4 weeks.

The Urban Legend Belt Holster can be made for the same Gun List as the Answer IWB. Check before ordering*  

This hybrid holster is fast. You can completely control the retention with the retention screws - just the way you like it. 

This holster conceals very well. You'll be surprised how easily it disappears under a shirt or jacket.


Holsters worn on the belt are often called "OWB" or Outside the Waistband holsters. (The opposite of Inside the Waistband or IWB holsters.)

OWB holsters are more comfortable than Inside the Waistband holsters and can be easily concealed with a shirt, vest or jacket. They are offered with custom features so you can have a belt holster that exactly fits your needs and reflects your pride of ownership.

Our Handmade leather Holsters, Gun Belts and Accessories are made for Concealed Carry, IDPA Competition and Off Duty LEO use.