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"The Mini" Holster


(40 reviews)


Mini IWB

Customer Experiences

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Lead time to ship is 2-3 weeks.
This holster was originally made for smaller pistols like a Ruger LCP or Kahr PM9, but customers like the design and asked about larger pistols.
Due to popularity and customer requests we now make the the Mini IWB for some larger pistols, such as the Sig P938, M&P Shield, Glock 42, Glock 43.
If you have a question about your pistol, just ask.
Made only in un-dyed natural leather.***
***WE SUGGEST you order the Mini-IWB in roughout (rough side of leather facing out) for added friction with clothing or the holster may not be stable with the offset belt clip.***
Yes, the holster is "tuckable."  Lead time 4 weeks.
Note the two alternate clip mounting positions for your preferred cant angle.  (We recommend the Slimline belt clip)
The bottom of the clip that is below the bottom of the holster can be easily trimmed, off if necessary, once the ride height is set.

If you have a question, call us at 800-308-6628.

Been searching for the perfect Leather IWB Holster? 

1. Based of years of customer feedback, you'll have a 95% chance of success with us!

2. Every Tucker Gun Leather's IWB holster is guaranteed comfortable and concealable. ALL are tuckable!

3. Read the reviews. Check the gun forums, Do a search for comments on our leather IWB holsters.

4. If you get one and it just isn't a fit for you, we understand. Just send it back for a quick refund.

PAYMENT: Both PayPal and Credit Card payment methods will be charged immediately.*

*If payment is declined for any reason, do NOT repeatedly try to pay. Call us at 800-308-6628 for assistance. 

You can use the Pay by Phone payment method. This allows for a 50% deposit and the remaining 50% when we ship and we'll call you for your credit card info.

Checks and Money Orders are welcome with notification.


40 Reviews Write a Review

  • 5
    Perfect fit

    Posted by Richard on 11th Nov 2015

    Thank you for the great job on the holster for my Khar PM9. The gun fits perfectly and looks great.

  • 5
    Top of the line product

    Posted by joe on 1st Nov 2015

    I ordered this product because I was looking for a quality IWB holster and I found it!! The holster arrived within 15 days of when order was placed > Workmanship was top notch , best stitching I have seen out side of $ 3500 -$5000 custom saddles !!!! Due to the model of hand gun that I bought it for , the holster only had a vertical draw ( no cant forward or to rear) and due to physical limitations, I had difficulties with drawing. I called Rob and talked it over and came to solution . He recommended a different style . I returned the IWB for an OWB and am presently awaiting delivery. I can not praise the customer service high enough , THEY SEEM TO PLACE A VERY HIGH REGARD ON CUSTOMER SATISFACTION!!!! I was quite surprised at the lengths that Rob went to ensure customer satisfaction, the whole experience was really an eye opener!!!! THANK YOU Very MUCH ROB FOR SUCH A PLEASANT EXPERIENCE!!!!! If you want a top of the line holster and customer service THERE IS ONLY ONE PLACE TO GO TUCKER GUNLEATHER!!!!!!!!

  • 5
    The one I'd make for myself, if I knew how...

    Posted by Unknown on 20th Oct 2015

    I bought this holster on a recommendation, and I am not disappointed. High quality material and workmanship ( it fits my CS9 perfectly, right down the last detail ) and after only a few weeks the premium leather is working in nicely and feels comfortable
    . The clip was easy to use and adjust. Once i got the ride height and cant where i wanted it i am able to use it easily in the 2 and 4 o'clock positions.
    And as a bonus received it in about 2-1/2 weeks, well ahead of the promised 4-8!
    Great product, great company

  • 5
    If your looking for the BEST THIS IS IT

    Posted by Joseph Dragovic on 13th Oct 2015

    Every thing about this company and their product is first rate !!! Rob was very help full , from when I ordered the holster to when it arrived was 15 days, Surprise!!!!!!!!!! Was expecting at least four weeks or more !! Material , workmanship , fit and comfort doesn't get any better!!!! Conceals very, very well , does not even print with only a t shirt on , this is with a Sig 938 !! Could not have been more pleased with this product , will be ordering at least two more!! CAN'T GO WRONG WITH TUCKER PRODUCTS!!!!!!!!!

  • 5
    The Mini is the best holster for a small pistol

    Posted by Rich P. on 30th Jul 2015

    Some times you just don't have the words when your so impressed with a quality product. This Mini holster fits my Sig P938 like a glove. The comfort at 4:30 5:0clock you can forget you have on, how ever not forgotten. It's light weight for a light weight pistol with out all the unnecessary leather weight and steel clips.
    Having had all the holsters in my 38 years of concealed carry, I can open up a resale store . This single clip design will not disappoint anyone interested in concealed carry for a 16 to 22 ounce pistol.The past reviews I have read them all, see for yourself, this is my second holster from Tucker and the company's diligent communications surpasses so may others. You can't go wrong with Tucker Gunleather.

  • 5

    Posted by Rich P. on 22nd Jul 2015

    Hello Rob, I received my Mini IWB Holster today and I'm wearing it at this time, I have to tell you it's fit for my Sig P9380 is right on , great fit and comfortable. I never thought a one clip holster can serve my needs. This will be my go to holster. the Mini is the second holster I ordered from you, and it's all positive . GREAT JOB it was worth the wait. Also thanks for your diligent response when I placed my order.

    God Bless America, always stay the course.
    Rich P.
    Retired PSO 38 years
    NRA Task Force

  • 5
    Unconventional & Works As Advertised

    Posted by Jon P on 20th Jun 2015

    I was skeptical about this unique holster design but ordered the first one made for a Glock 43. After several days of use it gets 5 stars from ME (not easy). It stays put and uses minimum space to do it. Mine is adjusted to carry canted at the highest adjustment. This works best for me as it affords maximum access to the grip for draw. Draw is easy and solid, clip will NOT leave your belt. Pistol is kept secure with grip tight to the body. In a 5 o'clock carry you could easily forget it is there. Great choice for smaller pistols when quick on/off is desired.

  • 5
    Fits just right

    Posted by Roger Burdette / NRA Instructor / IA on 6th May 2015

    I got this holster for my new RUGER LC9S PRO. It is ideal for this gun in the butt forward cant configuration. I figured it would be good, as I have other styles of TUCKER holsters for my SIG P239 and SIG P229 Elite. Those are great too. Great workmanship, fair price. Can't beat that.
    Thanks Rob

  • 4
    Very Comfortable and Great Fit

    Posted by Mike A on 31st Mar 2015

    By tilting my Bodyguard .380 at approx 45 degrees with the muzzle at the mouth of the holster to get it started, makes for easier re-holstering. As for comfort and fit, it can't be beat. I suggest trimming off the bottom end of the belt clip flush with bottom edge of holster after setting it to one's desired position.