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"The Answer" Holster


(69 reviews)


Answer IWB 
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4-5 week turnaround to ship. *See Gun List to make sure we make the Answer for your pistol.*

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The Answer IWB Holster is famous for  speed, comfort and concealment. No other IWB holster compares in quality. This is the original Answer IWB holster, made with an especially comfortable dual-layer backing with no exposed hardware. It's tuckable and adjustable for height and cant. (We recommend the Slimline belt clips.)

You may have seen other hybrid holsters with two belt clips, a leather backing and a kydex shell. They are all poor copies. *Reviewers have put it this way. "The Answer is the original. You'd think if others wanted to copy it, they'd make improvements to the design, but they haven't.  The Answer remains the "best of breed."

"Kydex fast and leather comfortable."

Most Customers get their Answer with smooth cowhide lining on the inside of the kydex side to protect finish and quiet the draw. This adds only $15.

YES, It's tuckable - you can tuck your shirt in over the pistol and holster.


Been searching for the perfect Leather IWB Holster? 

1. Based of years of customer feedback, you'll have a 95% chance of success with us!

2. Every Tucker Gun Leather's IWB holster is guaranteed comfortable and concealable. ALL are tuckable!

3. Read the reviews. Check the gun forums, Do a search for comments on our leather IWB holsters.

4. If you get one and it just isn't a fit for you, we understand. Just send it back for a quick refund.

PAYMENT: Both PayPal and Credit Card payment methods will be charged immediately.*

*If payment is declined for any reason, do NOT repeatedly try to pay. Call us at 800-308-6628 for assistance. 

You can use the Pay by Phone payment method. This allows for a 50% deposit and the remaining 50% when we ship and we'll call you for your credit card info.

Checks and Money Orders are welcome with notification.

*No, we don't make interchangeable kydex bodies for different guns on the same holster. While it sounds like a good idea, we are more interested in perfect function than offering less than optimum solutions you may regret later.*



2 months to make sure you like it and Lifetime warranty for labor and materials. We stand behind what we sell.

69 Reviews Write a Review

  • 5
    Won't find better

    Posted by Dan on 12th Dec 2015

    I tip my hat to Rob and the Tucker team. Their “Answer” is the trifecta of Hybrid holsters. Nothing out there compares with the options, quality and customer service of this product. There are so many options on the market for hybrids. I’ve researched over 30 different brands but can’t find any that provide ALL the options in one platform that are available on the “Answer.” Some are Kydex but not leather lined. Some are Kydex and leather lined but don’t have retention screws and the hardware on the back is exposed. A friend of mine bought an Answer after dropping his drawers in a department store bathroom and his gun fell out (no retention screws on his holster) and went into the next stall. That was an uncomfortable conversation with the guy next to him. Of the many hybrids that I have held, none come close to the quality of this product. As soon as you hold it in your hand you can tell the difference and when you put it on your hip, you forget it is there…it’s that comfortable. Rob is very attentive and quick to respond to any questions you may have or changes that you want to make to your order. I have an “Answer” for my SIG P220 and my XDs .45 and couldn’t be happier. Well done Rob, et all. If I pick up a MOD2 .45 I will be calling on your services once again.

  • 5
    Just great

    Posted by Neil Davis on 26th Nov 2015

    This is my 2nd IWB holster and I love it. After a few adjustments it works great and feels great. I will buy another for my other semi-auto. Thanks

  • 5
    The "Answer IWB" is the answer to comfortability!

    Posted by Larry H. clark on 26th Nov 2015

    I had a Tucker "Cover Up" and liked it so much, that I decided after wearing it for quite awhile that I would step and get an "Answer IWB"! I am glad I did! The "Answer IWB" as I said in my title for the review, is the answer to wearing a comfortable system.
    Thanks rob for going the "Extra Mile" on another build!!

  • 5
    Well constructed, quality holster

    Posted by J.B. on 18th Sep 2015

    I previously purchased an OWB holster from Tucker, the HF2. I was so impressed that when a new holster was needed for IWB I went to Tucker's website and saw The Answer. It looked like a nice holster then I started reading reviews and those that had them loved them. Once it was received I started wearing it with my Sig 227 SAS Carry, which is a heavy pistol, and it carries great. Like some of the other posters have said it is extremely comfortable. I recommend the leather lined inside. This was my most costly IWB holster but the quality and comfort exceeds others that I have had.

  • 5
    surprised by the comfort

    Posted by Unknown on 8th Sep 2015

    I've had my new holster for about a week now and I must say I've become spoiled... My glock 19 has been so comfortable for me to carry that I sometimes forget that I have it on my waist...I have not worn my crossbreed supertuck since the answer arrived and I don't see myself ever going back to it again...

  • 5
    True Craftsmanship

    Posted by E.M. on 1st Sep 2015

    The quality of the workmanship is outstanding. I purchased this holster for my Kimber Ultra Carry II and it works perfect. The price is more than most holsters of similar design, but there is no comparison. I also purchased a Tucker belt and it and combined with the holster is the way to go. It cost upfront but there is no doubt these leather products from Tucker will last for quite some time. Rob's customer service is great, not many places like this anymore. I plan on adding another Tucker holster for my revolvers soon.

  • 5
    The Answer - Another Great Tucker Product

    Posted by Paul Dvorak on 30th Jul 2015

    Easily the most well constructed IWB holster I've ever purchased. No doubt this holster will last for many years. Note to those looking for "instant comfort" - break in is required, keep in mind there's a lot of leather here. I got both the sweat shield and the leather lining in the kydex, and highly recommend both.

  • 5
    Old World Craftsmanship

    Posted by Tony on 22nd Jul 2015

    It is rare to see such quality, attention to detail, and good old fashion craftsmanship.

  • 5
    Amazing fit

    Posted by John on 15th Feb 2015

    It's the first holster I actually forgot I was wearing you can adjust it exactly where you need it and the craftsmanship is top notch.