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Revolver Pancake Holster


(29 reviews)


Revolver Pancake in Black Cherry

Customer Experiences

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Lead time 2-3 weeks. These holsters are very popular for our revolver-owning customers. Tucker really knows how to make a revolver ride happily on your hip.

Holds your revolver in close and very securely. Great for concealment or field carry when hunting. 

Thin, strong premium leather

PAYMENT: Both PayPal and Credit Card payment methods will be charged immediately.  

You can use the Pay by Phone payment method. This allows for a 50% deposit and the remaining 50% when we ship and we'll call you for your credit card info.

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29 Reviews Write a Review

  • 5
    Top notch

    Posted by Bill B from SC on 27th Mar 2016

    Just received my pancake for a 3" 586 with fleur de lis stamping in dark brown. The fit and finish is superb. Great folks to deal with who will go out of their way to give you exactly what you want. You won't find any better holsters

  • 5
    Best Holster Ever

    Posted by RonG on 27th Feb 2016

    This is the third holster I have ordered from Tucker, The IWB, Pancake and pocket carry have all been superior to any competitor on the market. You will not be disappointed.

  • 5
    The Best Darn Holster You'll Ever Have

    Posted by Randy on 12th Feb 2016

    I purchased 2 holsters for my S&W revolvers, as well as a Tucker gun belt. The holsters are superlative works of art and highly functional; the border stamping is beautiful, too. Each holster fits its designated gun precisely and exactly. The gun belt is the most sturdy piece of leather I have ever seen, AND it supports the holsters well. The price to value ratio of these products is off the scale. There is an enormous pride of ownership factor that will put a smile on your face every time. Highly recommended.

  • 5
    Pancake Holster

    Posted by Rhea Grimm on 9th Feb 2016

    Fits like a glove, very good quality, worth the wait!!

  • 5
    45 long colt Vaquero

    Posted by Unknown on 7th Aug 2015

    Fits like a glove. I used to make pancake holsters and did a lot if leather work years ago. This holster is second to none. Great job!!!

  • 5
    Both beautiful and functional

    Posted by Unknown on 1st Feb 2015

    On the outside, the pancake holster that Tucker Leather made for my S &W Model 19 looks like it should simply be hung on the wall as a stunning decoration for one's study or living room.
    But, the holster is also quite functional. Tucker molds the holster around the revolver so that it almost fits like a glove. I use the word "almost" because it actually fits slightly tighter than a glove. Unlike a glove, it has a slight "hold" built into it. This hold is just enough to hold the revolver in the holster under any circumstances; that is, the gun would not fall out of the holster if you were in a dead run. When the gun is drawn,this built-in hold gives a gentle tug to it, and likewise a gentle push when the gun is re-holstered. I own six Tucker holsters, and believe them to be the best holsters made.

  • 5
    Better than expected for close-in carry for a small revolver

    Posted by Gary Penley on 28th Dec 2014

    I did not expect this revolver holster to hold the small revolver (S & W "J" frame .38 caliber) so tightly, well-fitting, and concealable as it turned out to be. And again, similar to my other Tucker Leather holsters (I own six of them), it allows the small revolver to slide both in and out with ease, yet manages to keep a slight, smooth grip both in drawing and re-holstering. For me, it provives a "perfect fit."--easy in and out, yet with enough tightness to ensure the gun cannot become too loose in the holster; i.e.maintains it functional fit with just the correctl, smooth pull. A holster tht is both beautiful and functional.

  • 5
    Superb. Both functional and beautiful.

    Posted by Gary Penley on 7th Oct 2014

    This pancake holster is all that it promises. It really is a beautiful piece of leatherwork--enough to make you want to hang it on the wall and simply admire it. The holster is far more, however, in several ways: 1) it hugs your body in what feels like a perfect fit, and 2) the revolver and holster together do make a perfect fit. The gun slides in just tightly enough that you know it will remain secure in any situation you may subject it to, and when the gun is drawn, it slides back out with a comfortable, continuous draw.

  • 5
    Excellent service and product

    Posted by Don on 6th Oct 2014

    1.Ordering on-line, there was a problem with the credit card processing. I emailed Rob after talking with my bank and learning the problem was with the company that processes the card. Within minutes I was called by Rob and learned all had been cleared up. Immediate and personal customer service really impressed me.
    2.The holster arrived when it was promised.
    3.The holster is well made and rides my belt very comfortably and I often forget I am swearing a snubbie.

    In the future this is where I will get my holsters.