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Double Angled Magazine Pouch


(28 reviews)


Double Angled Magazine Pouch

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Lead time to ship is 4-5 weeks.  5-6 weeks for stamped pouches.
Experience has shown the rearward cant allows for a faster magazine change. Tested in competition for over 20 years, this design works well for everyday carry.

You don't have to break your wrist when reaching for that spare magazine. A simple, slightly circular motion brings your magazine up and into the magwell cleanly and rapidly.

Worn on or near the point of the weak-side hip.
Note: shown with extra cost stamping.

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28 Reviews Write a Review

  • 5
    Great quality

    Posted by Ron on 29th Apr 2014

    purchased for extra mag pouch to be used for IPSC. Great quality product, where I currently have a Ted Blocker rig. Ted does not offer a canted mag pouch, where this is equivalent quality!

  • 5
    Canted mag carrier comfort

    Posted by Bob on 17th Feb 2014

    The cant on this carrier makes it easier to access and adds a level of comfort as it doesn't poke you in the ribs.

  • 5
    Excellent Leatherwork!

    Posted by Marty Brown on 3rd Sep 2013

    Ordered double angled and single mag pouches to go along with the HF1 I ordered for my new Ed Brown Executive Carry.......quality is Excellent just like the holster! Highly recommend Tucker Gunleather!

  • 5
    Great magizine holder

    Posted by Unknown on 24th Jul 2013

    Great looking & works really well. Great quality work

  • 5
    Best Magazine Holster I have Ever Worn. IDPA Reload Times Have Improved. Thank you GTL

    Posted by Troy Defew, owner/operator 81 Tactical Firearms Training on 7th Jul 2013

    My name is Troy Defew; I am a retired police officer, certified sniper, & former SWAT operative. I am the owner/operator of 81 Tactical Firearms Training in KY. I have been teaching firearms training classes for 17 years. I have worn many belts, holsters, and accessories made by many of the popular manufacturer's.
    I recently obtained a 1-1/2” Tucker Gun Leather Belt, HF1 Holster, and Double Angled magazine pouch from Rob at Tucker Gun Leather.
    When my package arrived, I immediately fell in love with the beauty of the entire rig, belt, holster, & magazine pouch. I chose black cherry with the swirl design. However, beautiful doesn’t mean comfortable.
    So, I waited 2 weeks before posting my review so that I can provide an honest review after wearing the rig. I have worn it daily for 2 weeks now.
    First, it is very comfortable. I was skeptic about being able to conceal my Kimber Ultra Carry 2, & 2 magazines. However, I was amazed when it disappeared under my T-shirt. I can wear my pistol and two magazines and conceal them under my normal sized shirt. This is great!
    Next, is comfortable. It had to be comfortable enough to wear all day both, while walking and while driving.
    Just as, and in my opinion, maybe more important is fit. How does my weapon fit the holster? This is where a custom made holster rules over a mass produced, one size fits several, holster. The fit is amazing. I expected a break in period. Nope, my Kimber fit like a glove instantly!
    Although this holster is an open top design, the fit is so good, you do not have to worry about your weapon falling out. I have worn my rig in two IDPA matches so far. I have not had a single problem with my weapon falling out, or even moving while in the holster. If you have ever shot in an IDPA match, you know that it involves running and shooting from all sorts of positions and I have not had a single problem with my weapon moving around in the holster, it stays put. Great holster!!
    In regards to the Angled Double Magazine Pouch: You can customize the fit of your magazines, since many who shoot Kimber purchase other manufacturer’s magazines. No worries, simply insert your mags, and tighten the tension screw on the front of both magazine pouches for a custom, snug fit. As I mentioned with the HF-1 Holster, the Slanted Double Magazine pouch is just as reliable. The slant or angle that they have is perfect. My reload times have improved since I started using this magazine pouch.
    This rig in not only good enough for concealed carry. I also use it for IDPA match shooting as well.
    Tucker Gun Leather has perfected the art of manufacturing their holsters and magazine pouches so that they hug tight against your waist, making it easy to conceal your weapon and two extra magazines, while being comfortable. It does not bind or rub your side and stomach.
    I’ll sum this up by saying, if you want a holster, belt, magazine pouch, or an entire rig. You absolutely cannot go wrong with Tucker Gun Leather! I will put my name on their products, and will recommend their products to all of my student’s. All one has in law enforcement, and in business is ethics. I managed to keep mine throughout my law enforcement career and for 17 years in business. Therefore, I will not say that I like a product if I don’t.
    I am saying I love my Tucker Gun Leather belt, holster, and magazine pouch.
    Yes, it is more expensive than mass produced holsters, or a belt that you can buy at Wal-Mart. However, the difference between a mass produced holster, and a department store belt is as different as night and day.
    If you want to replace your gear in a few years, buy one that is mass produced. If you want a rig that will last you a lifetime, that is beautiful and comfortable, call Rob at Tucker Gun Leather and place your order today. You will not be sorry!
    Hey, if it’s good enough for the Texas Rangers, it’s good enough for us. After putting it to the test, I can honestly say that I am a customer for life. My weapons will be carried in Tucker Gun Leather, period.
    Troy Defew
    Owner/operator 81 Tactical Firearms Training

  • 5
    IWB when I have to, THIS when I can!

    Posted by Rick Junkin on 7th May 2013

    If I'm wearing clothing that will conceal this pouch, it is my first choice. Extremely comfortable and functional, and the rearward cant is great. Tucker quality can't be beat. Buy it.

  • 5
    1 year Anniversary of Double Angled Magazine Pouch

    Posted by S Michael DeHart Saint Albans, WV on 20th Mar 2013

    Approx 1 year ago, I order an HF1 Belt Holster, 1 1/2" Belt and Double Mag Carrier from Rob. All three were in Black Cherry with black stitching. I have worn the comb at least 3 days a week and just the belt daily. All three have handled the punishment of a 6'5", 355lb horse and still look as good as when I bought. Only complaint is sweat shield needs to be a tad wider, but otherwise I would highly recommend.

  • 5

    Posted by Jim W on 30th Dec 2012

    Ordered a complete rig color match is perfect.
    Double mag pouch and retention on both mags is perfect.
    Whats not to like, Think the best way to say it is by saying I will be ordering from Tucker the next time I need more leather.

  • 5
    Excellent Product

    Posted by Brian M on 7th Dec 2012

    Recently ordered as part of a Tucker HF1, Gun Belt and Mag Pouch everyday carry rig. Without a doubt the finest, most well thought out Mag Pouch out there today. As with all my Tucker products over the past 25 years, perfect fit and finish.