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Deep Carry DC-4 Chest Holster - Hybrid




DC-4 Chest Holster Coyote on Black

Tucker's Chest Holster Rig  (Removable Magazine Pouch available for $35 extra.**)

It is Patent Pending* hybrid holster which combines polymer and leather construction.

The holster, straps and buckles are Mil-Spec and made in the USA*   Straps are Included.*

You can order it for your Red Dot Optical Sight!    You can order it with your light or laser or light/laser!

You can order it for BOTH a Red Dot and a light/laser! **

Time to ship is 2-1/2 months due to high order volume. ***

The holster comes with American Made nylon straps and belt hardware that adjusts for a comfortable fit.

Note: the holster is flat unlike the DC-1 belt holster.  Time to ship is a 4 weeks at present.

You'll notice the quality as soon as you open the package, and we make this holster for over 300 guns. I'll bet we make it for yours.*

For most completely updated gun list see the drop down list on the order form. **

The inside of the polymer is covered in smooth Hermann Oak* cowhide to silence the draw and protect your gun's finish. The feel is superior.

The back of the holster is covered in Hermann Oak* leather and you're protected against anything sharp poking you in the side.

The leather is Hermann Oak's best domestic vegetable tanned leather. The polymer is Boltaron - more durable, crack-resistant and heat resistant.

 All mounting holes on the DC-1 are protected and reinforced with black oxide over solid brass eyelets. Installing these eyelets increases the build time and expense on each holster but the result is worth the extra time and trouble. The customer gets a better product with a much longer service life ensuring many years of use out of these holsters.

This is a comfortable, adjustable, durable holster and a great value for the money. 

The Retention Strap is standard and removable.

What else do you want to know? Call me direct at 713-772-6224 or leave a message at 800-308-6628.   Rob


I wanted to drop you a quick line to let you know that I’m blown away with the chest holster you made for me. Please pass along my sincerest thanks and compliments to all of those that helped out on the build. This holster blows every other chest holster out of the water. The fit and finish is spectacular, and the fact that both my HK45 and my HK VP9 fit perfectly is amazing. I can’t tell which gun it was built for as they’re both a perfect fit. 

I have no doubt that you could list these on your website or on Instagram and they would sell like hot cakes. You’ve really set the standard that all other chest holster will be measured against.  The quality of craftsmanship is unparalleled.  

If you decide you’d like to offer this as a standard product, I’d be happy to take a bunch of photos for your listening if you’d like. 

I compared it to my buddies Gunfighters Kenai Holster this evening, and well... there is no comparison.  I don’t know if y’all will want to make more of these, but you make have some people inquire about them after they see mine. 

Thank you so much for taking this project on and for delivering such a phenomenal product. It really does surpass my expectations. 

Many Thanks,

Austin D.